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Theta means SOUL


Life as a celebration...


The fortitude & strength of the human spirit along with the Will to survive generates enough electricity to power up a light globe!

We have a lot to be grateful for... our ancestors faced many hardships in order to pave the foundations of the life we live today. Those who went before us endured many challenges  that have been passed down the ancestral path in the form of limiting patterns of behaviour that are no longer relevant or productive. Though essential at the time in order to survive, many of these patterns are now outmoded and cause varying degrees of confusion and repetitive cycles of pain, conflict and suffering. 

We make sense of our surroundings in order to survive and identify and personalise many beliefs that our not ours, continuing to play them out while seeing the world through filters of limitation and hardship, which can lead to fatigue and eventually illness.

   Our state of health and wellbeing is directly influenced by our thoughts and feelings. 

ThetaHealing® is non-invasive physical, emotional and spiritual healing that combines the innate wisdom and intelligence of the human body with the healing power of the Creator of All That Is. 

In a Theta state, we access outmoded limitations held at a subconscious level and change them.

ThetaHealing® was established by Vianna Stibal in the USA in 1995 
After being diagnosed with bone cancer, Vianna followed the guidance of the Creator and received an instant healing.



  ThetaHealing® provides a fast track to release the pain held at a cellular level from unresolved trauma, shock, heartbreak and shame, restoring HEALTH, BALANCE and VITALITY for LIFE! 

Consultation by Appointment

Patricia Herreen  

0416 242 706 

In these fast paced times, many of us are purpose rich and time poor, leaving us feeling exhausted and dissatisfied.


Limitations from the past can rise to the surface like a broken record, preventing us from living the life we were born to live. 


ThetaHealing dissolves unwanted belief patterns that hold us back.


Limiting beliefs are made in an instant, usually to survive something when we are young and have limited resources. For example, a child may witness their parents arguing and think 'big people are scary'. The belief is filed away in the subconscious like on the hard drive of a computer and develops as the child grows into something like... 'people in authority are intimidating'. 


Patterns of survival held as subconscious beliefs create filters and distortions of the  world that influence our thoughts, feelings and actions. ThetaHealing serves to identify and release the patterns of behaviour that no longer reflect the truth of who you are. 




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